(Top 8 finisher at Junior Olympics Nationals Meet)

Brayley Manning
Long Jump

Tasiona Curtis-Ames

Anna Schneidler

Alyvia Brown

Ava Hagwell

Aiyah Smart
High Jump



Track and Field Program Overview

[Updated 3/8/18]

Q- Is there an age requirement?
A- Yes. We welcome athletes ages 5-18. We follow the USATF age group divisions for competition which can be found here: 2018 USATF AGE DIVISIONS.

Q-How are age groups determined?
A- Age groups are determined by USA Track & Field and remain constant througout track and field season.
*Cascade Striders has no decision making authority as it relates to athlete age groups*
To determine your athlete's age group for the 2018 season, CLICK HERE: 2018 USATF AGE DIVISIONS

Q- Is there a limit to the number of athletes?
A- We have a cap of 160 registered athletes*.
*This cap DOES NOT include high school athletes who register after completing their current HS track season in late spring.

**There is an additional limit of six (6) athletes in our 5/6 program this year. The decision is intended to keep our kids safe and maximize our coaching effectiveness. Athletes who are currently in our program have first right of refusal to continue.

Q- Does my child have to try out for the team before I register him/her?
A- No. We welcome athletes with all athletic abilities and talents. We DO require ALL of our athletes to come to practices and meets prepared to have fun, work hard, and be respectful of coaches, parents, and teammates.
**Please note that due to insurance coverage, athletes may not 'try' a practice to decide if they want to join. All athletes participating in practice must be registered.**

Q-How much does registration cost?
A- $200 for the season There is an additional $25 discount for each additional registered sibling. (Child 1-$200, Child 2-$175, Child 3-$150, etc)
*Registration DOES NOT include the cost of a uniform or USATF membership (mandatory for registration)

Q- What information will I need to register my athlete(s)?
A- Current (2018) USATF membership ($20 for youth ages 18 and under).
This applies to NEW athletes AND returning athletes.
Information to register or renew a USATF membership can be found here: NEW/RENEW USATF MEMBERSHIP
*The club’s USATF number is 36-0108* You will need this information when registering/renewing your athlete for a USATF membership.

Q- When does registration open?
A- Registration opens February 24, 2018 at www.cascadestriders.com.
Registration is open for a limited time only.
The registration closing date will be March 17th or when we reach our team cap of 160 registered athletes.
We DO NOT maintain a waitlist

Q- How much do uniforms cost?
A- Please review our 2018 Uniform Info Sheet. [Link will open document in new browser window.]
*A complete uniform is REQUIRED for all athletes competing at any track meet during the season.
*Uniforms will be available for purchase beginning the first week of practice.
*Uniforms costs ARE NOT included in registration fees.

Q- What days are practices held? [This is for reference only and will be updated after schedule and locations are finalized]. (updated 3/8/18]
A- Mondays, Wednesdays, and non-meet Saturdays. (Running practice only)
*Field Events/Hurdle practices held on Tuesdays for athletes in the 9/10 age group and up only who compete or plan to compete in field events and/or hurdles.

Q-Where are practices held? [This is for reference only and will be updated after schedule and locations are finalized. [updated 3/8/18]
A- Monday, Tues, and Wed-Lake Washington High School. Non-meet Saturdays- Sammamish HS

Q- What are practice times? [This is for reference only and will be updated after schedule and locations are finalized. [updated 3/8/18]
A- Monday and Wednesday: 5:30p-7:30p* Saturday: 1p-3p (TENTATIVE) *Tuesday FIELD EVENTS/HURDLES*: 5:30p-7:30p

Q- When do track meets start?
A- Traditionally, our first meet of the season is the first Saturday in May.
Meets usually require a commitment of a full day, typically 8:30am-4:00pm depending on the events athletes are registered for.

Q- Can my high school athlete register with the team?
A- Yes if he/she meets the following criteria:
1. Enrolled in grades 9-12 during the current school year
2. Must have competed in track season during the current school year
3. Was academically eligible to compete on his/her high school team

Q- My middle school athlete competes on the school’s CYO and/or middle school team (grades 5-8 depending on the school and organization).Can he/she register after the CYO and/or middle school season is over?
A- No. The athlete must register during the registration period that begins on 2/24/18.

Q- I still have questions, who do I contact?
A- Head Coach, Zee Triplett (headcoach@CascadeStriders.com)

Please note: No dates are firm until added to the calendar.

If your athlete will be participating in another sport during our track season, please immediately inform the coaches so that we are aware. We like to work with your family to make sure your athlete is protected from emotional burnout, fatigue and injury. We also want to monitor expectations - the more time athletes spend with track, the more progress athletes will see.